Полезное чтиво. AGILE Project Management for Busy Managers

    На просторах инета мы нашли вот такую интересную книженцию, с которой спешим поделиться с Вами.
    Итак, аннотация сохранена в оригинале. Оригинал здесь.

    Managers have become skilled at juggling changing priorities. What is different is that customer expectations have changed. People expect shops to be open earlier and later, to get answers on line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and appointments outside of normal working hours. At the same time there is huge pressure to reduce operating costs, staff numbers and to do more with less.

    Many traditional project management approaches are about attempting to limit change to ‘keep the project on track’. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. If something needs to change with a project it should or you risk project failure.

    There is no simple solution — but the ideas set out here draw on the approach of some of the most successful companies in the private sector and can really help deliver change which is sustainable, affordable and valued by customers and stakeholders.

    Dr Penny Pullan, Director of Making Projects Work Ltd, said «Most of us who manage projects nowadays find ourselves operating in an environment of continual change. Our projects are full of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. So what can we do? What is the answer? How can we make things work I think that this short book gives a big part of the answer. Tony draws on Lean and Agile to bring together the most useful ideas into a practical guide for project managers, whatever their field. Tony taps into his deep experience of running projects and programmes from both private and public sectors to come up with a very readable book, free from the jargon and buzzwords often found elsewhere.»

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